Fair Campaign panel finds one violation

The Fair Campaign Practices for the Capital Region found George Amedore to have violated one principle, while the second charge brought by Angelo Santabarbara was not found to be in violation of their principle.

Santabarbara, a Democrat, is running against Republican incumbent Amedore for the state's 105th Assembly District and Santabarbara filed a complaint alleging two violations of the Fair Campaign Practice's principles. The hearing was held on Tuesday, Oct. 19, and the results were released the later the following day. The hearing determined Amedore had violated their second principle, but in a separate allegation he was found to have not violate their fourth principle.

Santabarbara alleged Amedore violated the second principle by calling Santabarbara a lawbreaker in a newspaper report prior and after the Supreme Court's decision finding Santabarbara not guilty of any fraudulent practices.

"He had no right to call me a lawbreaker and then proceeded to due so even after the State Supreme Court proved him wrong," said Santabarbara. "He continues to go around slandering my name."

Amedore said he wasn't expecting to be found in violation of any the groups campaign principles, but respects the decision.

"It was a little surprising. I have a run a very 100 percent clean campaign," said Amedore. "There are specific laws that we have to follow as candidates and those rules and laws were breached on behalf of my opponent. I appreciate and respect the fair campaign and the League of Woman Voters and I will continue to follow the rules and principles of fair campaigning."

Also, Santabarbara alleged Amedore violated the fourth principle by distributing a press release where he was quoted to have a "dissenting opinion of a court of appeals justice," where he presented a separate case to use as precedent for making a decision in fraud allegations against Santabarbara.

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