Farley, Savage vie for 44th Senate District

The way to change the dysfunction Albany is to change the people we send there. Our community has been neglected for too long. We need a senator who will work to create jobs and cut taxes. I have done it in Schenectady County and we can do it in Albany.

How do you plan to deal with the current budget and how would you ensure this year's budget fiasco doesn't repeat itself?

30 of the last 34 budgets were late the process has been broken from beginning to end for decades. I would propose penalties for all legislators when budget law in broken, as well as an independent budget office so that time is not wasted disagreeing over false projected estimates.

What are your thoughts/ideas on how to give New Yorkers property tax relief?

Work to stop unfunded state mandates incumbents have placed squarely on the backs of families and businesses. 78-percent of the county budget is solely unfunded mandates! Yet, we have delivered property tax relief on the county level 4 of the last 6 years by making government more efficient and accountable.

Many New Yorkers are fleeing upstate, families and young adults alike. What will you do to encourage them and/or give them a reason to stay here?

The key to economic growth and stability is job creation. Much of Upstate has suffered population loss but our county has reversed that trend because we partnered with General Electric to create 650 new jobs at their Renewable Headquarters, and are doing the same with other businesses.

Does anything need to change with the way state government functions? If so, what would you do to bring about change?

We all recognize Albany has been broken for decades. I support independent redistricting because it will make legislators better at their job, as well as requiring full and open disclosure of all outside sources of income to avoid conflicts of interest. I also support campaign finance reform and term limits.

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