Two new faces vie for Rotterdam Town Board

Why do you want to sit on the Town Board?

I believe it is imperative that when one sees a problem, they rise to the occasion and do something to fix it. I saw what was occurring in Town Hall and believe that the people of this Town deserve better. I'm running to give the people the representation they deserve.

Do you think the Town Board of Rotterdam is dysfunctional? If so, how do you plan to fix it?

This Board has refused to listen to the concerns put forth by the public and has also been sued 4 times in the past 11 months for failing to comply with NY law. I will actually listen to the public's concerns and I will demand adherence to the law.

How do you plan to deal with Rotterdam's current budget?

An 11.36% tax increase is unconscionable. The Supervisor's proposed budget is a slap in the face to every hard-working resident of this Town. Unfortunately, in tough times cuts must be made. No one wants to do it. But in times, such as these, it is the responsible thing to do.

How would you promote economic development in Rotterdam?

It is imperative that we do whatever we possibly can to maintain the commercial and industrial property in Town. The only way that we can take the property tax burden off residents is to increase industrial and commercial activity in town. This would also foster job growth.

Additional Comments:

I have fought for the rights of the citizens of this Town by speaking at the podium during Town Board Meetings, and I brought a lawsuit against the Town to block the plan to give golden parachutes to employee's seeking to retire, including one employee who has worked for the Town for less than a year. Because of that lawsuit, the current administration did not put that plan into affect and the residents were saved at least a quarter of a million dollars. I believe I can combine my experience and my educational background as an attorney to put the Town on the right track. It is time to stop the political games, and to have non-connected people actually stand up to do what is right for the people. I ask for your support on election day, November 2. Vote for Frank Salamone: A New Voice For Rotterdam!"

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