S-G School District efficiency study in the works

Elementary school consolidation or closure a possibility

Local schools are feeling their budgets getting crunched and Scotia-Glenville is looking at ways to find cost savings wherever they may be.

The Scotia-Glenville Board of Education hired a consultant, Michael Dutkowsky, to evaluate how the school district operates their elementary schools and if there are any cost savings to be found through consolidation or closing a facility. On December 10, the results of the study are planned to be completed and any cost saving measures will be presented to the district.

What we think will most likely happen, is there will be opportunities to consolidate spaces, said Robert Hanlon, spokesman for the school district.

He said the study will review if space is being used efficiently in the schools and if any space is being wasted. Also, there is the possibility of closing an elementary school and how the district would be affected. The second phase of the initiative will address how the school will go about making any of the changes, although, Dutkowsky hasn't been hired for the second phase, but he appears to be the candidate to help with any transitional efforts.

"It is very difficult for a school district to look at that objectively," said Susan Swartz, superintendent of the school district. "People who are working here, or sending their children here, or are graduates of the system feel pretty passionate about their elementary school."

Bringing an outside consultant to analyze any cost savings measures seemed to be the best option, said Swartz, which is similar to the situation in Schalmont Central School District with their efficiency study.

"After several years of back and forth, I thought it would probably be helpful to bring a consultant to gather the baseline data to give us a framework that we could start thinking about," said Swartz.

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