Spotlight Sports Survey results

My faithful readers have spoken, and now I can reveal the results of this year's Spotlight Sports Survey.

1. How will the Siena Saints do in their first year after Fran McCaffery's departure?

A. NCAA Tournament appearance (19.2 percent)

B. NIT appearance (19.2 percent)

* C. Winning record (57.8 percent)

D. .500 or worse record (3.8 percent)

Good news for new head coach Mitch Buonaguro. As long as you can keep the Saints above .500, you'll meet the expectations of most Siena fans.

2. Was Mitch Buonaguro the right choice to replace McCaffery at Siena?

* A. Yes (73.1 percent)

B. No (7.7 percent)

C. Not sure (19.2 percent)

More good news for Buonaguro: our readers believe he was the right guy for the job once McCaffery left for Iowa. That opinion may change if the Saints stop making regular appearances in postseason tournaments in the next few seasons.

3. Which former Siena basketball player will be the first to stick and stay with an NBA team?

* A. Kenny Hasbrouck (50 percent)

B. Edwin Ubiles (7.7 percent)

C. Jack McClinton (7.7 percent)

D. None of the above (34.6 percent)

The numbers started skewing in Hasbrouck's favor once the Miami Heat signed him to a free agent deal following a strong NBA Summer League season. Even so, he won't see much playing time on a team that include Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and some guy named LeBron James. Still, it's cool that he's part of that team and not some lame organization like the Los Angeles Clippers, the Memphis Grizzlies or the New York Knicks.

4. Which local college basketball program has a brighter future?

* A. Siena (84.6 percent)

B. University at Albany (11.5 percent)

C. Other (3.8 percent)

There was little doubt in my mind that most people would pick Siena as the program with the brightest future. After all, the Saints are the ones constantly getting national attention.

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