Ballston Town Board hears proposed water extension

The hospital would require different quantitites of water, which would grow incrementally as size of the medical park grows. According to Jones, in zero to five years, the average daily use would be 4,400 gallons a day; six to 10 years would see 33,550 gallons a day; 11 to 15 years would use 51,025 gallons a day; 16 to 20 years would see 60,625 gallons a day; and 25 plus years would use 144,625 gallons a day.

Jones said the hospital would propose a rate equivalent to what water district residents pay. Supervisor Patti Southworth said she isn't opposed to the idea of a water extension but doesn't currently think charging the in district rate would be financially sound.

"As the chief financial officer, my job is to ensure the district is run financially sound and the reason you have outside user rates is because there's no way to charge any kind of capital expenses. There's always upgrades to equipment and the water tower and administrative costs that play into operating a water system, so we need to be sure we have a sound financial plan and won't be losing money on this option because that will just place the burden back on town residents," said Southworth. "I'm not looking to make a killing off a hospital by any means, but at the same time we can't lose money on the project and taxpayers in the water district shouldn't be footing the burden of someone else. We need an agreement to make it beneficial for both of us."

Jones told the town board to discuss, pose questions and hopefully offer a decision by November so the appropriate next steps can be taken.


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