Martland gives his two cents on how to fix NY's economy

The governor's power to perform such actions would sunset in two years.

Martland also proposed legislation to establish a temporary Office of Mandate Relief that would end regulations and rules that would be considered obsolete. He said the head of the office would be referred to as "The Repealer" and would be appointed by the governor.

"It's a two year office," he explained. "It can annul any rule or regulation."

Martland said the state government lacks any leadership, which led to the budget being late by fourth months.

"There's not an established leadership," he said.


A response from the Breslin Camp have come in via email from Campaign Spokeman Dan Hornick.

He said that Breslin has been committed to the economy and job creation in upstate New York by voting to reduce property taxes, increasing funding for public schools and highlighted the prior approval bill meant to protect small businesses from rate hikes made by health insurance agencies and HMO's.

"While others talk about what they would do for the upstate economy," said Hornick, "Senatore Breslin has been taking concrete steps to foster economic development in the region and continue to do so.""

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