Amedore files challenges Change Albany Now party line

Amedore doesn't disagree that Santabarbara probably worked hard to get the signatures, but the signatures go against the law, said Amedore.

"Did he work had to get 2,5000, sure, but a lot of those signatures are against the rules and breaking the laws on what it takes it get those signatures," said Amedore.

A court date is set for Friday, Sept. 10, at the Supreme Court Courthouse, Albany, at 9:30 a.m. to rule on Amedore's lawsuit.

Santabarbara said this is not the first time Amedore has tried to "take something away" from him. Santabarbara alleges when he announced his bid for the state Assembly, Amedore had a chat with his employer.

"Earlier this year, my employer informed me that George Amedore and his political cronies had conversations with my direct supervisor on several occasions about how my involvement in this race would affect their business," said Santabarbara in a prepared statement.

Joe Lanaro, vice president of engineering services for The Chazen Companies, was involved in the incident according to Santabarbara. When Lanaro was asked about the alleged incident he said he couldn't comment on employee matters because it goes against company policy.

Amedore said he never personally spoke to Santabarbara's employer at Chazen Companies that Santabarbara entering the race would affect business. Also, Amedore said no staff members talked to Santabarbara's employer.

"I stand by my comments and I know that they did contact them," said Santabarbara. "It made me feel very uncomfortable and made me think twice about entering the race.""

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