Glenville ceremony honors victims of 9/11

The ceremony closed with Steven Cafiero discussing the last time he saw his son, Steven Cafiero Jr., only the week before during Labor Day weekend. He said God works in mysterious ways, because his son was supposed to come the following weekend after Sept. 11.

"When he came up he was so happy to share with us he just got a brand new job " it was in the World Trade Center," said Cafiero. "My fiancE said 'aren't you afraid of working so high up in a building like that, especially that it was hit once before' and he said no."

Cafiero also retold the final moments of his son talking to his mother over the phone from inside the World Trade Center.

"That day on 9/11 he was on his phone with his mother and he was telling her, 'Mom, I got to get out of here. I can feel the heat from the building next door. People are jumping for their lives. I got to get out of her,'" said Cafiero. "The last words out of his mouth was, 'Oh my God,' and we couldn't get through to my son from that point on.""

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