Amedore continues bid to retain Assembly seat

Clark secures County Family Court Judge

Parisi challenged the GOP incumbent Amedore during the primaries, but voters choose to keep their current representative of the New York State 105th Assembly District for the general election.

I very much appreciate and look forward to continuing to serve them all the way through November, said Amedore. "I'm not a career politician as my opponent tried to paint me as the people's message is resonating."

The unofficial primary election results as of election night are Amedore receiving 1,545 votes and Parisi receiving 827 votes, with 93 percent of districts reporting.

Amedore said people want government "off their back and out of their pockets," so they can afford the way of life people deserve and want to live.

"I think tonight was a very strong showing in a primary that typically the turnout may not be very high, well, I think it was a little higher or average, but our supporters are very much behind us and my campaign to carry us through November."

Besides now attaining the Republican ticket, he's also obtained the Conservative and Independent nomination.

Parisi thought obtaining around a third of the votes was significant considering the short primary election cycle.

"I think having gone from 2 percent to a result of 35 percent is a pretty good result," said Parisi. "It is a short election cycle after labor day you have about a week and half to get your message out."

Paris also stood by his message that Albany still needs to change to serve the public better.

"I still think we need to bring change to Albany cause if we don't I think the state is going to be in serious financial trouble," said Parisi. "We need to bring a lot of change to Albany and one person is not going to do it."

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