Amedore continues bid to retain Assembly seat

Unlike Amedore, Christine Clark doesn't need to worry about the primary election, because there is no Republican nominee running and Clark already received the Independent, Conservative and Working Party nominations for the Schenectady County Family Court Judge position. Voters will have the option to write in a candidate for the general election.

"I'm very happy the Democrats decided to make me their family court judge," said Clark. "I think it is a wonderful opportunity to help the people of Schenectady County. I'm looking forward to helping more families and more children in my role as Family Court Judge."

Clark said she was confident in herself and her experience, but she worked hard knocking on doors and making calls to ensure voters would also be confident.

Clark received 3,270 votes and her opponent Bruce Trachtenberg received 1,243 votes according to Schenectady County Board of Elections' unofficial results.

"I'm sorry that people did not get our message that was 30 years experience," said Trachtenberg. "As I told my daughters, we did the best job we could and we have nothing to be ashamed of."

Trachtenberg said he called Clark once most of the votes came in on election night to congratulate her on her victory and he said Clark would do a "fine job."

The new voting machines introduced in Schenectady County during the primary might be removing some of the allure of voting as the level gets pulled and the curtains close.

"It would always kind of give me goose bumps when I would pull that level it is all gone now," said Fred Lee, 63, of Schenectady. "When the curtains closed it gave you the sense that, no matter who you were, for a little moment you were inside government and you were making big decisions and when you would pull that lever it would make a loud clicking sound."


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