Jennifer Whalen wins Republican primary for 109th Assembly

Jennifer Whalen said she thought the Primary was a good stepping stone and very beneficial because it forced the candidates to concentrate and focus on the issues early on, securing their bases and has now put her further ahead of the game going into the general election in November.

"I have experience to hit the ground running when I get into the legislature; there will be no orientation or honeymoon period with me because I have a good lay of the land and I think [voters] appreciated that too," said Jennifer Whalen, who previously worked in the attorney general's office.

James Whalen, who said he walked what seemed like 200 miles going door-to-door with his wife in Clifton Park, Colonie and Halfmoon, had built his platform around making a return to "traditional, conservative Republican values" and while disappointed with the outcome of the Primary, said he will not fade from the political scene.

"This is a passion of mine and I felt very strongly about doing this and I hope it came across. Do I have plans in the future? Yes. What are they, I have absolutely no idea," said James Whalen. "I enjoyed this. I think I have something to bring to the table and I would like to stay involved."

While Jennifer Whalen said she was cautiously optimistic throughout the Primary process and election night, she was also confident that her work ethic and determination would pay off.

"I never take anything for granted and never underestimate my opponents, but I do know from experience that I'm very hardworking and have a lot of grit and determination and I knew if I focused on what I needed to do and worked as hard as I could, then I would probably prevail," said Jennifer Whalen. "I worked really hard and was very hands on in every aspect of my campaign. My family went on summer vacation without me this year because I was going door to door in Clifton Park the whole month of August and had been walking the district in Colonie since May almomst every day, trying to meet every single Republican and Conservative voter."

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