Townsend lays out his roadmap for general election

Without the backing of New York State Republican Chairman Chairman Ed Cox, Jay Townsend won the right the face Chuck Schumer in November for the United State Senate.

\Well I'll start by saying, that was fun, Townsend said during his press conference at the Albany County Republican headquarters in Colonie.

Townsend referred to as "toxic winds" that aare coming for democratic incumbents in New York, which he believes will become "gale force" on the Nov. 2 election day.

"We are not taking any time off," he said of his campaign team. "I have not taken a day off since the 1st of May and I will not be taking a day off before Nov. 2."

Townsend issued a challenge to Schumer to present his record to New York during October and asked for a debate, more so a debate that is not, as he stated, "at 3 am in the morning at some obscure radio station somewhere."

Though he issued the Challenge, he is skeptical Schumer will even accept it.

When broached on the topic of Cox, he said the chairman was the first person to call and congratulate him on his win last evening.

"Ed had a bad evening last evening," said Townsed, "but let's move on. My opponent in November are not the people who supported other candidates in this primary, my opponent is Chuck Schumer."

He went on to add that he said having the GOP nomination doesn't hold very much weight except on the day it is given, referring to the convention earlier this year.

While Gary Berntsen did get the backing of the newly elected republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, Townsend said it was "a myth" that Berntsen was the tea party candidate.

"Gary did win in Suffolk County, as we fully expected," he said. "But the math that I looked at said we did extraordinarily well all over New York state.""

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