Christie's Heartoberfest

Tolosky, now 28, said she was 22 when her sister passed, and it's strange to think she's now older than her big sister.

"Every birthday I'm another year older than my big sister, which is something nobody obviously sees happening, but she has a special place in all of our hearts," said Tolosky. "We went through 22 years together with this weird bond that we never knew existed, and now whenever I go for a cardiac check up twice a year or feel my ICD for a moment, it's such a connection to her."

At the Heartoberfest, Tolosky said everybody likes to reflect on favorite Christie moments.

"She was very social, loved being around people and would have spent every day with family and friends if she could have. She loved animals, had two cats that were like her babies, and she would have loved to one day own a horse. I know she would have been an incredible mother," said Tolosky. "She loved to run and ouor dog slept with her every night; she was like an animal whisperer."

Tolosky said her father recently shared a moment with his daughter that he'll never forget.

"My father was an alumni of Siena College and she went there as well. He was at work when she came into his office so proud, with the letter of acceptance to show she was going to go to his alma mater," ssaid Tolosky.

"Christie's Heartoberfest" is at 1 p.m. and all proceeds benefit SADs Foundation, which raises awareness by holding conferences and telling school nurses, coaches and pediatricians about the condition. There will be food, drinks, an auction and raffles. Previous events have raised more than $75,000. For more information visit www.christiesheartoberfest.com or www.StopSADS.org.


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