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The rescue portion is typically handled by partnering with law enforcement or organizations connected to the law, who know how to carry out raids and have the proper training and resources. Love146 then picks up the pieces by providing after-care services and facilities. One of their largest efforts was partially funded through money from the very first "Ride Run Walk 4 Love."

"We run our own facility in the Philippines, which we built and opened in spring 2009. It's called 'Round Home' and it's an amazing place specifically for girls that have been trafficked. It's therapy and restoration of basically everything for a child. We have to protect them physically because traffickers try to get them again, they have to be cared for medically because some have suffered pretty horrible trauma and often come to us pregnant. It's a place where they can receive emotional and spiritual therapy with a goal of resuming normalized life. In the best cases, that may mean being restored to their families. There's no time limit and it's not a cookie cutter program, so they come when they need to and stay as long as they need to stay," said Miller, who added the home is architecturally fun with colorful paint and lighthearted decorations to evoke the child-like spirit its inhabitants had lost.

While human trafficking might be easier to spot in European or Asian countries, Miller said it is surprisingly widespread in the U.S., it just looks a little different. There are 100,000 reported cases of U.S. children trafficked a year and in Buffalo alone, 75 reported cases last year, said Miller.

Domestically, the issue usually looks more like underage prostitution, so Love146 handles the three pieces accordingly. Prevention starts with programs that educate students and teachers in schools. They raise awareness to identify what trafficking looks like on our own soil. Rescue is left to law enforcement but is detected in different ways depending on the situation.

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