Former Colonie official calls rezoning jabs 'baseless'

When Potts spoke in front of the Town Board on Sept. 2, she charged that the land where Boisvert lived was changed to Industrial so he would vote in favor of the plan.

"They allowed Boisvert to go to Industrial so he could vote yes [on the Comprehensive Plan]," said Potts. "Since he was getting a benefit, he shouldn't have even voted. It also went against the Comprehensive Plan that said no property would be intensively zoned."

Boisvert said five other board members, along with the town supervisor, voted in favor of the plan, so his vote would not have made a difference.

As president of H.U.R.B. Landscaping, which is located on the Albany Street parcel, Boisvert applied to the Albany County Legislature to change the zoning to an Agricultural designation three years ago.

He said he doesn't know why Potts would accuse him of wanting to change to Industrial after he changed to Agricultural.

"I make mulch, I grow flowers, I grow mums, that's what I do," he said. "I have no intention of selling my land. And when it does sell, and it's residential, that wouldn't hurt my feelings."

He said the changes that were made at the time to clean up the zoning borders at the time "made good sense," but she wasn't sure why they changed Potts' land to single-family residential.

Potts currently has a resolution before the Town Zoning Board to change the zoning of her property back to industrial.

"The only conclusion I can come to is when the forefathers back in the '50s put the first zoning plan in place, it was supposed to be all industrial over there and it wasn't happening," he said. "It's mainly houses over there. So they [the current Town Board] looked at it and said, 'OK, conforming and non-conforming use now, we'll make it all residential.' It made good sense at the time. Do I think it was a perfect instrument? It was meant to be built off of."


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