Family continues Anne's Quest

"We don't think enough is being done by doctors," he explains. "When someone gets to the age of needing to get a colonoscopy, that supply of information to patients is not timely at all."

A brochure created by the Anne's Quest foundation is the next step, said Roger, and the organization hopes to send the mailing to physicians.

Last year, the race generated $20,000, with some of that money going toward the Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation, based out of Atlanta, Ga. The foundation provides what they call a "Wow!" experience to families with a mother or father who is suffering from a terminal disease and is in the late stages.

The families are sent on trips to help divert their attention from the pain and suffering of their loved ones.

"If you look at the families they help support, they are people with colon cancer well below the age of 50," said Roger. "In most cases, they're not going to see their kids grow up. It's a quality-of-life issue that we feel is important."

Kelli said a family's oncologist must refer them to the Jack and Jill Foundation. Some of the money raised by Anne's Quest.

"It's meant for the family to really forget about the cancer for a while and just have fun," said Kelli. "So when, unfortunately, the person does pass away, they have those memories to look back on."

Anne's Quest first worked with the Jack and Jill Foundation in 2009 and was able to help five different families travel to places such as Useppa Island, Fla., Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York City.

Kelli said the organization hopes to raise $25,000 this year.

"We certainly are looking for any support the community can provide," said Roger. "The majority of money doesn't come from registration, it comes from donations and other support."

Those who want to participate can register online at www.annesquest.org and click on the tab for Race 2010 details to find the form to fill out. The pre-registration deadline is Oct. 16 for a donation of $20. Day of registration is $25.""

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