Supreme Court rules in Santabarbara's favor

Amedore's lawsuit claiming fraud against opponent denied

The Change Albany Now party line's wait for approval is officially over.

The state Supreme Court denied Assemblyman George Amedore's lawsuit against Angelo Santabarbara for allegations of fraud. The decision came shortly after the state Board of Elections dismissed complaints Amedore filed against Santabarbara's petition for the party line. Santabarbara, D-Rotterdam, is running against Amedore, R-Rotterdam, in the upcoming election for the state's 105th Assembly District.

He doesn't owe me an apology, he owes an apology to the people that signed the petition, Santabarbara said after hearing the verdict. "He tried to get the ballot thrown out and in turn throw out all the signatures and voices on the petition."

Amedore thinks Santabarbara should be the person apologizing to voters though.

"I really feel bad for all of the individuals that did sign the petition and then the signatures the candidate took upon himself to change and that is fraud, it is an injustice and disservice to those individuals," said Amedore.

In the Supreme's Court documented decision document, Judge Roger D. McDonough stated, "The Court finds there has been no showing here that either Santabarbara or his agents participated in any fraud in the collection or submission of the relevant signatures. Specifically, the Court found no evidence that respondent Santabarbara knowingly obtained signatures that he knew were invalid."

Making the public aware about the information was what Amedore said he really wanted to accomplish by filling a lawsuit. He said he doesn't plan to go back to the court on this matter.

"I wasn't looking for a victory or a loss here, what we were looking to do was shed light on deceptive tactics of a candidate that is running on a line called Change Albany Now," said Amedore. "It is unfortunate that this candidate thinks it is of the highest ethical standard cause this is the farthest from it."

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