Poll: Farley has more support than Savage

"People know [Farley's] record. He has been fighting hard for the people of his district," said Cummings. "If you look at Schenectady County as far as Susan Savage even in her home base, Senator Farley is beating her."

When respondents were asked how they would vote if the election were held today, 55 percent said they would elect Farley and 37 percent said they would elect Savage. When respondents were asked if they would vote to re-elect Farley or prefer someone else, 46 percent said they would re-elect Farley.

"The 46 percent to re-elect is a little bit weak," said Levy. "There is clearly an anti-incumbent feeling amongst voters. For Farley to essentially hit the break-even point, that is essentially not bad."

Proulx said New Yorkers typically don't like to vote out incumbents, but the Senate district has undergone serious changes.

Levy isn't sure district voters are ready to vote out Farley.

"This district seems to be saying right now we prefer to elect a Republican incumbent," said Levy.

The poll also asked respondents what issue is the most important to them and what they would prefer their senator work on. Levy said the issues were chosen by looking at what issues were important to voters over the last few years.

Creating jobs was the overall most important issue with 26 percent. Respondents who identified themselves as Independents or other supported creating job at 34 percent, and Democrats questioned were in line with the average.

The most important issue to Republicans was government reform, but Levy said he thought it stood out how Republicans were across the board on what issue they felt were important.""

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