Just a good ol' boy

Years passed, and though Matt's desire for a Corvette never waned, neither he nor his grandmother was in a position to buy one. When he was well past driving age, and it looked like they would never even ride in one, Frances suggested they rent one to drive around in for a night.

After finding out that renting one wasn't all that cheap, either, he stumbled on a 1975 'Vette for sale at a price he could afford " if he scraped together just about everything he had.

He did, and surprised his grandmother with it at a family dinner.

"I was shocked," she said. "My God, I'm almost crying right now just thinking about it."

She pulled Matt aside and insisted on paying for the car. "I said, 'This has to be my gift. This was dream come true for me.' When they were kids, they never had much, and certainly never anything big," said Frances of her grandchildren. "Anything Matthew ever had, he had to work so hard for."

And a few years later, there Matt was, e-mailing a stranger with hopes of buying his dream car, The General Lee.

A day went by with no response from the seller.

"I went from being so excited to so depressed," he said. "But it was nice to imagine that I at least had a chance at the car."

He didn't need to imagine any longer. The following day, the seller responded. A price was agreed on and two days later Matt brought a trailer out to Utica to pick up The General.

The trip wasn't without fanfare. On the way back to Slingerlands, an axel on Matt's truck seized and they had to call a tow truck for the truck and newly bought car. While they were waiting, a State Trooper pulled up.

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