My name is Robin Oliveira

"Everything just seemed to line up perfectly, like it was meant to be," said Bradley. "We are going to have the Musicians of Ma'alwyck providing Civil War era music with her program, so that will be a nice addition."

The Open Door Bookstore on Jay Street, in Schenectady, is also partnering with the county library to offer a 20 percent discount on the book until the day of the program at SCCC on April 10. A paperback version of the book was also recently released and the same discount will apply.

"Her talk is going to focus on the research for the book, and it is just incredible on what went into making the book," said Bradley.

"My Name is Mary Sutter" is the first book Oliveira has written, and she started writing it in 2002 and completed it in 2008 while, in between, spending two years in graduate school and raising her two teenagers.

"I personally love a big fat book full of subplots and connecting dramas so I wrote the book like that, so that is the kind of book that I enjoy. What is passionate to me about this particular story is this is a story we have forgotten about in American History. We have forgotten about the nurses and the doctors that took care of wounded American Civil War soldiers," said Oliveira. "They did it with courage and valor and unfailing generosity, when most people in modern day would run away screaming."

There was something about the story that she couldn't let go of and there were often times she wondered whether anyone would find the characters interesting and the story as enticing as she did.

"I had to tell the story whether or not anybody was going to read it besides myself," she said. "I do love research, and it was really interesting to see where the research took me in terms of story, so that part I was wildly interested."

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