How to stay rich after winning the lottery

That means buying an expensive new car (or two or three) is throwing money around on something that will lose value as soon as its driven off the lot. Buying a million dollar house (or several vacation homes) may not seem like an outrageous expense, but LeBrou said there are increased property taxes that will be "astronomical" and incredibly expensive insurance, not to mention the cost of everyday maintenance.

"It's not a one time purchase now you've got this ongoing expense," said LeBrou.

Most lottery winners also quit their job, meaning they must now rely on this "one-time income," said LeBrou, which can dwindle quicker than you'd expect.

The trick to avoiding those common pitfalls is having a solid team of professional advisers that can help the new millionaire handle their fortune in a smart, savvy way. LeBrou suggests getting at least one lawyer, accountant, financial planner/money manager and an insurance agent. Of those, one should act as the quarterback, or the primary guider who can take the reins.

"Someone who can understand investments and cash flow and finance," said LeBrou.

One thing this financial advisor would do is help the person understand controlled versus uncontrolled gifting. That means, instead of giving away $10,000 to each family member or friend who asks all at once, set a more structured plan.

"That way, if things change you can stop or reduce gifting. If you do it all at once you can't get it back," said LeBrou.

Another tip a financial ringleader will give is to stay away from get rich quick schemes and to stick to more mainstream, secure investments like treasury securities from the federal government, municipal bonds or stock portfolios that track Fortune 500 companies.

"If you're gonna get a bit risky and play with the money, put a max cap of 2 percent or 5 percent that you can use," said LeBrou. "For the average person who wins, you've won the game, the fourth quarter ended. Get off the field and don't come back and play overtime because if you do that and start investing in risky things, you may end up losing the game after you were winning."

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