Stories in silk

"A cool thing about this show is I got a bunch of light boxes built so some of them actually look like stained glass windows with the sunshine behind them," she said. "It is so alive because of how I just kind of painted while I was experiencing it."

There are some paintings available to purchase in the show, but many of them are already sold since a majority of her work is done for clients.

"My goal from the show is for people to see what is possible and to create their own," she said. "As I was hanging [the art on Friday, April 1] there was just this amazing energy of people walking in the door and seeing these really unique visual stories and each one has its own personalities."

Nussbaum also went to school with the organizer of the show, Irit Magnes, cultural director for the center.

After Nussbaum's mother contacted her, she meet with Mira to look at her pieces of art and liked the interesting approach Nussbaum took to create the work.

"It is anchored in reality, but the result has a lot to do with her imagery," said Magnes. "I thought it was very interesting and it is really very rich in color and texture, spiritual and maybe had more of a mystic kind of feel to it. Her technique has really helped to define colors and she creates quite an interesting world of color.""

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