REMS attacks Mohawk in bid proposal

Gilmore's statement was in response to a question about whether the company had a guarantee with the Town of Hoosick moving forward, but Mohawk had an agreement with the county, not the town. Mohawk had staffed before the hearing an additional 24/7 advanced life support ambulance posted at the Hoosick Fire Department. The hearing was on Mohawk opposing the addition of another provider in the service area, which was also served by Empire Ambulance Service.

Mohawk's bid before Rotterdam states it would have a minimum of one ambulance dedicated to the town 24/7 every day, and its intention is to staff additional ambulances in the town once the appropriate facility is acquired. Nardacci said Mohawk has been looking into possibilities for a permanent location if it's chosen as the provider by the board.

REMS has also proposed having a minimum of one 24/7 everyday ambulance.

"I think the proposals should stand on their merit," said Nardacci. "Over the last two years, there has been a public dialogue with the officials in Rotterdam one of things that is crystal clear and important is to recover all ALS."

Mohawk's proposal to provide advanced life support billing services at no cost to the town came as a surprise to Frank Salamone, attorney for REMS.

"I remember them (Mohawk) criticizing REMS that they were going to do it inexpensively and questioning that service for the price," said Salamone.

REMS stuck with its previous offer of a $10 service charge per ALS bill processed, which appeared to come in lower than Mohawk's previous proposal that was percentage-based.

"It is not an unusual practice for Mohawk. There are some contracts where they charge and there are some contracts where they don't," said Nardacci.

Largely the two proposals are exactly the same, except for the difference in ALS billing service charges. Mohawk does have a bigger pool of ambulances to draw from, totaling 25 in the Capital District, and Nardacci did add once Mohawk purchased a property the facility would be on the tax roll since it's a for-profit company.

Although the town was originally scheduled to vote on the proposals at the Wednesday, April 13, meeting, that decision has been delayed. Supervisor Frank Del Gallo said the attorneys are still evaluating the bids.""

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