A drink and a haircut

It wasn't hard to receive the license, though, Straus said. There had to be a list of where everything would be kept, where it would be served and what type of food would go with it. The New York State Department of Health then inspects the cleanliness of the area of where the food and beverages will be coming from. Straus said it is required of the salon to serve food along with the alcohol.

Bill Crowley, a spokesman for the New York State Liquor Authority, said there are a few salons in New York City that have a liquor license. Upstate, he said the only thing place he is aware of that has a license is Rumors. He said he was surprised to hear the establishment would pass the health inspection.

"We thought it would be a health code thing," he said. "But it got approval from them so there is no reason not to license them. If you get a health permit, you can get a license."

There are also jewelry stores that have a liquor license, he said, and added that the law is silent on whether you need a license or not when the establishment has a capacity of fewer than 20 people.

Straus said part of the idea of getting a liquor license was hoping expand Rumors for men and build a new salon for women at the end of April.

"Once you get the liquor license we can transfer it and cover all of our clients," he said. "We're testing it out to see if clients like it.""

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