Change that diaper

Next Saturday parents will have a chance to partake in a Guinness World Record Breaking event while celebrating Earth Day at the same time for what is known as The Great Cloth Diaper Change.

The event is similar to many others that will be taking across the world at the same time, with the goal of getting the most number of cloth diaper changes to happen at the same time. For areas in the Eastern Standard Time zone, people will begin changing diapers at noon.

Heading the event is Sonrise Diaper Service Owner Vikki Casey-Ahmed. The event is meant to raise awareness to the cost and environmental benefits of using cloth diapers as opposed to disposable diapers.

\I think cloth diapers really are easy, she said. "Eventually we are not going to have a choice with the amount of trash that is being generated."

The Sonrise Diaper Service opened its first store on March 1, in Guilderland where new and "gently loved" cloth diapers are sold. Over at the Web site, sonrisediaperservice.com, Ahmed and her husband offer tips and information as to why cloth diapers are the better way to go.

Casey Ahmed learned about the benefits of cloth diapering after she said in her household they went through 140 diapers in just one week, filling up two trash bags. It didn't seem right to her that disposable diapers generated so much waste, so she decide to switch over.

She said that some people look at her as if she is from the 1950's. The feeling of appearing strange is what could hold some people back from transitioning over to using cloth diapers.

"I think some people need support in that decision," she said.

After seeing the logo for the Great Cloth Diaper Change event's banner on the internet back in February, Casey-Ahmed thought it would be a cool thing to be a part of. She also said that this would be bringing a practice to an area that she feels is behind-the-times.

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