Honoring his great- great- great- great-grandfather

He talks about the crisis between the Federalists and Democratic Republicans, which he said is in many ways similar to the dynamic between Republicans and Democrats today.

He talks about honor and respect, two values he thinks are missing from present society.

"Those things were terribly important back then, propriety was very important and those kinds of things are less important in our world today and I think it's kind of unfortunate," said Reynolds.

He also shares portions of Meredith's life, like how he was involved in the Battle of Trenton.

"Troops crossed the Delaware River to attack the Hessians and he wasn't at the front lines because he was a rather wealthy gentleman and they wouldn't be with those low class sailors doing that kind of thing, which is not a lot different from what we see today," said Reynolds.

When Meredith became treasurer is when he really made an impact on history.

"He was the first treasurer under the new constitution. He was responsible for all the financial records of our country and in the years that Samuel was treasurer, there was not one single error in those records," said Reynolds. "He was pretty painstakingly careful about everything he did."

Meredith's significant contributions were perhaps made most evident upon his death.

"When he retired he lived in a place called Pleasant Mount in Northeastern Pennsylvania and he died there. He is buried in a square in the middle of the town called Meredith Square in his honor," said Reynolds.

Every July 4, Reynolds travels to Meredith Square to be close to the relative he never knew, yet knows inside and out.

"I go there and march at the front of their parade in his honor," said Reynolds. "He's kind of an inspiration to me to do good for my own community."

The Town of Ballston Community Library is on Lakehill Road in Burnt Hills. The presentation starts at 7 p.m. on April 28 and is for all ages, free of charge.


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