Saratoga high school seniors get a lesson in voting

There are milestones most teenagers look forward to, like getting a driver's license or graduating from high school. But there's one that is often overlooked and while it might not seem as exciting, it's just as important: registering to vote.

To remind Saratoga Springs high school seniors of their civic duty, and to show them that being a first-time voter can be exciting, Superintendent Janice White and local elected officials recently visited with several classes as part of the voter registration drive and education outreach program hosted by the school each year.

I spoke to them about the fact that all that they've learned in their 13 years of school was leading them to the point of being responsible adults and that just as; there are other milestones in their lives this is another part in that move to adulthood; the ability to register to vote and participate in the decision-making process, said White.

White said she tried to make the 17- and 18-year-olds understand that voting is their chance to have their voices heard.

"This is the opportunity to voice their opinion through voting and it is equal to anyone else who's able to vote, so in other words they don't get half a vote just because they're 18," said White.

Voting as soon as they're eligible can play an important part in creating a life-long voter.

"Getting in the habit of voting whenever they can is like any other good habit that a person can have and as a citizen, exercising their right to vote is critically important," said White.

Students also had a chance to practice using the new voting machines with mock ballots and could register to vote if they were 18. If they weren't yet of voting age, they could put their names on a list, to be ready.

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