BHBL grad screens short film before 'Scream 4'

That's a good sign, since Greenwood has every intention of extending "Hinnon Valley" to be a full-length feature film.

"I'm trying to get a feature done in order to really legitimize myself as a filmmaker and to take that next step trying to do a Hollywood film," said Greenwood. "I have to prove that I can do and handle a feature film and finish it and have it come out successfully."

"Hinnon Valley" might be a stepping stone to bigger and better things, but that doesn't mean it looked like an amateur production. Greenwood took special care to produce a film that looked high budget, on a low budget.

"It was a very ambitious project and I really wanted ultimately to do something that was very polished," said Greenwood. "It was penny pinching as much as possible and that's where pre-production was so important."

Greenwood conceived "Hinnon Valley" early on, which gave him about six months of pre-production and made the nine days on set more productive.

"I think with rehearsal and spending time with my actors and casting ahead of time really helped when we got to set, and having a great crew and people around was probably the reason it all came together," said Greenwood.

The biggest obstacle will be money. Since he was a student, Greenwood got a break by having access to some production equipment and discounted locations to shoot. From now on, he's on his own.

"It'll probably have to happen on an independent level I'm trying to get in touch with potential investors who have the funds in order to make it happen," said Greenwood. "I have the contacts with the cast and crew, it just comes down to the money in the end."

The film's genre will hopefully help drive its success, said Greenwood, because horror films tend to attract a cult-like following.

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