BHBL grad screens short film before 'Scream 4'

"It's a genre that people tend to gravitate toward, especially a real true fan base, myself included," said Greenwood. "I've always gone to the darker side of things, whether it be horror or even a drama, but I tend to stick to horror because I like to excite people and scare them and make stuff that's gripping."

With the premiere of "Hinnon Valley" close to home, Greenwood hopes to start building that crucial fan base.

"I need to create a good fan base to support me and hopefully that will give me an edge to create future projects. Horror fans are probably the most committed and most ravenous, they want more material and want to get their hands on stuff," said Greenwood.

Don't expect to see fluffy, predictable and shallow "slasher" films, though. For Greenwood, it's all about the characters.

"I like to have good, strong characters. That's the way you draw people in," said Greenwood. "It's like the original 'Star Wars.' People love those movies because of the characters, it wasn't about special effects."

"Hinnon Valley" might be serving as a jumpstart to what Greenwood hopes will be an illustrious film career, but he has other projects in his back pocket.

"I've been searching and throwing around ideas and scripts I've written," said Greenwood. "I've been getting some interest in a vampire western movie, I have a script about a fallen angel and a drama about prostitutes."

Greenwood will also help produce a comedy horror film this summer that he hopes will open doors.

For more information about "Hinnon Valley," search for it on imdb.com and to see a movie trailer, search for it on YouTube.


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