Walk left, ride right and more

That goes doubly for areas with high pedestrian traffic. The town's Highway Department recently installed pedestrian bollards in several major crosswalks in town, such as in front of Town Hall and outside the Delmar Post Office. These are to serve as reminders to motorists that they law requires traffic yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

Bethlehem Police Deputy Chief Timothy Beebe said police officers will be keeping an eye out for motorists violating this law as well as others who are acting unsafely. Walking facing traffic is one rule he sought to emphasize.

"I see this on a daily basis, and people are busy, speeding, taking on their cell phone, whatever," he said. "At least if you're facing traffic and a car is coming close to you, you may have an opportunity to jump out of the way."

Beebe also suggested bicyclists and pedestrians wear bright or reflective clothing, especially at night or in the twilight hours.

The PaTHs Committee has also spoken about getting the educational campaign into the schools. The warm weather means more children will forsake the bus or a car for their commute.

"I'm just always amazed at the number of bikes that are ridden to the high school and the middle school by students," she said.

The cost of printing the palm cards will be assumed by the now-inactive Bethlehem Citizens for Pedestrian Safety group, which was also behind the "walk left, ride right" signs posted around town.""

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