It's easy being green on Earth Day

Sandy Steubing knows that there are more relaxing ways to spend retirement.

I could be scuba diving in the Carribbean, she said with a laugh.

But Steubing's life course was altered when she visited a website that mentioned "peak oil." Curious, she clicked on a link. She learned about studies and research that concluded the world's oil supply is going to run out soon. The peak oil theory maintains that we are extracting the maximum amount of oil from the earth that we can; if we don't reduce our dependency on oil, our economy will collapse in about 10 years.

The volume of research and studies supporting this overwhelmed Steubing. And so retirement turned not into a life of lesiure, but one aimed at reducing the world's dependency on oil. It's a lofty goal, but Stuebing believes small steps can add up to a big accomplishment. To that end, she's helped organize a lunchtime bike ride through Albany on Friday, April 22, in honor of Earth Day. It's one of several local events being held in conjunction with Earth Day.

Steubing hopes the bike ride will accomplish a few things. It will get people on their bikes instead of driving cars. Maybe they'll think about riding their bikes more often. Even better, maybe they'll think about other ways they can reduce their depedency on oil. Maybe a few will even be moved to adopt the cause the way Steubing has.

Bicyclists will meet at 11:30 a.m. at the corner of Eagle Street and Pine Street, kitty corner from City Hall. There will be Earth Day flags for bikers to fly from their bikes, the better to draw attention to their mission. There will be a speaker, and then riders will set off on a roughly one-hour journey that ends in Washington Park.

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