Stepping back in time

There was even a smaller saw, called a Hey's Saw, which was used to cut off larger pieces of skull, which could be done after drilling to relieve fluid in the brain. A "giggly saw" was used to resection the bone, to cut out a portion of the damaged area and draw the two sections together. Why the saw had its nickname though is from a creepy reasoning.

"When it was drawn across the bone, it gives an eerie sound of a child giggling," said Celik. "They still use these in the O.R. today."

The problem with many medications provided to patients was the addictive nature that doctors weren't aware of originally.

"What they didn't realize is that a lot of these medications were highly addictive," said Celik. "They created a whole generation of drug addicts, which they defined as old soldiers disease, not drug addiction."

Connection to the past

Kyle Grubbs, of Scotia, said she has a couple of ancestors, on the southern side, in history books. One ancestor, with the last name of Helm, was married to the sister of Mary Todd Lincoln. Lincoln advisors told him he should arrest Helm since he was from the south, but Lincoln wrote a pardon for him.

"I guess Lincoln didn't want to hassle with the women folk," said Grubbs. "He said, 'I pardon Helm for anything he has done or will do in the course of the war' so he could come to Washington and visit."

Family members told Grubbs about her ancestors, but she hoped to find out more through doing some research. She also had a great-great grandmother that was cousins with Robert E. Lee's mother. Helm was her grandmother's maiden name.

"I like going to these things and learning about them and I love history," said Grubbs. "It was a little hard sitting in the thing with Abraham Lincoln and hearing them call us traitors though. I'm in the enemy camp."

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