Dirt bike riders back on track

Calls to Brick for comment on the town's decision were not returned.

Del Gallo said Brick incorrectly presented the pictures and they were not from the labeled years. One picture labeled 2009 appeared to have more vegetation than the picture labeled 2010.

"The pictures were like from 2006, where it looked like the moon," said Del Gallo. "They got the pictures backwards, the ones with more grass on them was more recent."

Della Villa said this is just another battle in the ongoing struggle with neighboring residents who don't like the dirt bikes near their homes.

"The people on the board who are not looking at this properly just remind them that this is light industrial property. I asked the residents, 'Is this about the dirt bikes or the noise?'" said Della Villa. "They have made it quite clear the noise is what has bothered them."

Marc Della Villa's son, Jessie, said dirt bike riders have only used the property for the past three years. According to Jessie, the photo presented by Brick showed a trailer that hasn't been on the property in more than six years.

"Once they get to a certain dead end they start to try to pursue something else. We are not doing anything wrong. The day you can't ride a dirt bike on your land, what can you do on your land?" asked Jessie Della Villa. "It is getting out of hand it is just to the point that if a neighbor doesn't like something you do, you can't do it anymore.""

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