Glenridge Road to see improvements

Fixes include traffic circle and wider train underpasses

After 37 years of eyeing road safety improvements along Glenridge Road in East Glenville, the New York State Department of Transportation is rolling out an $11.7 million project to finally get the job done.

Glenville Supervisor Christopher Koetzle announced Wednesday, April 20, the project had come to fruition after receiving a letter from Scott Nowalk, project manager for the Region 1 of the DOT, indicating funding could be secured.

The train bridge after the corner of Glenridge Road and Hetcheltown Road currently has a traffic light because only one vehicle can travel under at a time. Further up the road, there is another train bridge that has a tight fit for two cars to get through. Both of these issues will be addressed in the project, which involves widening the road to allow two cars through the first bridge and a more comfortable fit through the second bridge. In addition, a roundabout intersection is planned at Glenridge Road and Maple Avenue.

I am very excited that when it is all said and done, the bridge will be able totake two lanes of traffic, said Koetzle. "They are not going to raise [the bridge] at all so they are going to at least expand it so two cars can comfortably go through it at the same time."

Both train bridges have a 10-foot, 5-inch clearance, so larger trucks and vehicles cannot pass through, but raising the height to the standard 16-foot clearance would require a hefty amount of additional work to regrade the train tracks.

"A train can't go up much of a hill, so the grading on railroad tracks has to be done very gradually," said Carol Breen, public information officer for Region 1 DOT. "It would double the cost of the project the more important aspect of this project is widening [the road]."

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