BOCES teaching teachers about health care

BOCES is looking to develop a Web site that would have some of the educational materials online, Piazza said. They are also going to try to improve the different data that is being reported through the health insurance committees. This would allow districts a chance to hear what options are available to them and make a collaborative decision with the unions.

She said they will also be looking for experts in the health insurance industry that could bring their skills from the private sector into the public sector.

"We want to try and bridge those relationships much more and take advantage of the expertise we're very fortunate to have in this region through four major carriers," she said.

There are currently five districts in the area that have already expressed interest in being a part of this project, Jones said.

Piazza said getting a program like this off the ground takes time.

"We have multiple years behind us of not doing everything the way we could have," Piazza said. "And we have to go in stages to get people where they need to be. We're behind what the industry offers, we're behind the private sector. There's lots of attention and information out there in the country all the time with what's going on in healthcare. But until you take the time and sit down on a district or municipality specific basis, folks don't have a chance to learn and ask questions and apply relative thinking to how it can help them.""

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