Rounding the five corners

"Generally there is not a lot of landscaping and especially not very consistent," said Jacquemart.

The problem, said Jacquemart, is current business owners can't be forced to re-landscape their property. Landscaping would need to be addressed in future site plan approvals for business, so it could take some time before uniformity is reached.

The average daily traffic volumes, according to information from the DOT, is over 13,000 for Curry Road, around 5,000 for Mariaville Road, 10,000 for Broadway and roughly 12,000 for State Route 7.

One proposed solution to improve traffic flow was to build two roundabouts on the east and west sides of the center intersection, but the main problem with that solution is both roundabouts would fall directly on top of operating gas stations. The town would need to acquire the land from the businesses, which could be difficult and costly to pursue.

"The problem with an intersection like this is the legs are at a very, very shallow angles, so you could not do a roundabout in the middle, there is not enough room in the middle," said Jacquemart. "The only way to resolve this particular problem with roundabouts is to take two roundabouts."

Under this concept the current intersection would be in the middle of the two roundabouts. There is only one other roundabout in state similar to the proposed concept, which is in Buffalo and the two roundabouts are actually closer.

Many residents expressed concerns over the dual roundabouts due to the land that would need to be acquired from the businesses.

"I don't mean to say there are no other alternatives. We will look at other alternatives," said Jacquemart.

Another idea to improve traffic flow would include widening lanes to add another lane to highly congested streets, but even this approach would require the acquisition of some land from the same two businesses, said Jacquemart.

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