Grant to aid Malta Fire Department in GloFo emergencies

With GlobalFoundries' arrival, the chance of a call for hazardous materials emergency is increased, said Shaw, but the department does receive a handful of similar calls throughout the year.

"We don't get a lot of calls for this most of the time they're due to motor vehicle accidents, there may be a fuel spill every once in awhile or we may get an accident that comes from commercial transport, a tanker truck or box trailer," said Shaw.

No matter how often one of those calls comes in, though, they're always taken seriously.

"It's one of those low frequency, high risk type of calls that we go on," said Shaw. "We have to concentrate and be prepared for those things ahead of time."

The department was already working with GlobalFoundries to secure a plan for responding before the grant came through.

"We're in very frequent pre-planning sessions with [GlobalFoundries] trying to develop some type of interface between their on-site information and information that possibly we can access once we get on site," said Shaw.

Shaw said GlobalFoundries is developing a way for the fire department to access the company's internal technical information from off-site.


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