Local label company plays the name game

For the second time in just about two years, Name Bubbles is moving.

When we started it was out-of-the-home type of business and within six months we had already leased out office space. Now, we're looking into moving again in the fall, that's our hope, said CEO and Founder Michelle Brandriss.

Name Bubbles is a small online business in Saratoga Springs that sells funky personalized waterproof labels. Gone are the days of reapplying masking tape and writing names in Sharpie, said Brandriss.

"It's definitely a need. More parents are wanting to save time and money during that early morning rush to get out and get the kids off," said Brandriss.

Brandriss used to order labels from various companies but wasn't pleased with the quality or aesthetics of them. After toying with the idea, she decided to take the plunge and launch her own line of labels for mothers just like her who were searching for better labeling options.

"By law in many states you're required to label a child's item and a lot of people might use masking tape or Sharpies eventually the tape wears off and Sharpie rubs off but Name Bubbles really do stay put for years at a time," said Brandriss.

The labels are colorful and come with designs or plainer options and can withstand dishwashers and washing machines. A lot of the evolution has come from customer feedback, said Brandriss.

"A lot of our initial styles were really well suited for very young kids and a I had a lot of moms saying 'My 8-year-old won't use one with an icon, he wants something plain,' so I'm going more toward a stylized look that can be suited for all ages," said Brandriss.

Name Bubbles might be local but Brandriss' customer base is largest in California and Texas.

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