Local label company plays the name game

"I have found that New York State is definitely one of the leading states but it's not the leader I've also noticed that the labels tend to migrate to larger cities and I think they might have a more urban appeal," said Brandriss. "They're a little more modern, more fresh and some are even a little preppy."

Brandriss said she wasn't at all surprised by Name Bubbles' fast success.

"I had the feeling it would be successful and when you're planning something like this, from the beginning you really want to plan for growth," said Brandriss. "Suddenly our bubbles are going all over the world to all these places I'd love to go to someday, so that's the interesting part of having an online business."

With a growing customer base and more products, it was only natural that Name Bubbles as a company would grow too, said Brandriss.

"It started out as just two of us and then ends up now we're looking at 14 employees," said Brandriss, who said she plans to keep Name Bubbles a family-owned business.

Making new label designs is one of her favorite parts about Name Bubbles, said Brandriss.

"It's been really fun learning how to make the product I get really excited when I can focus on making a new line and that creative aspect of it," said Brandriss. "Some of my background was in fine arts so there's that creativity side of it I think is very fun."

Name Bubbles is the only company in the Capital District creating these heavy duty labels, said Brandriss. Her biggest competition is in Canada, California and Colorado.

A Name Bubbles School Pack contains 88 personalized labels of various sizes and costs $33.88. For more information about Name Bubbles or to order some, visit www.namebubbles.com


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