SCCC unveils budget to County

"You're having an enormous increase and rental costs to go there," said Farley. "There's issues with going back and forth to classes from that facility."

This year the college launched a strategic plan, said Bullock, which includes steps on how the college will "strategically grow and expand its tentacles" into the community. An $11.2 million grant launched the CNA program at the college. Meetings and discussions were held at SCCC about the move, said Bullock, which resulted in support from the college community.

"This program is supported. I do not anticipate any unknown opposition for the location of classes [at Center City]. It is not being forced upon anyone," said Bullock. "We have a total of 78 classes that are scheduled and enrollment in those classes are strong. It appears it would be a successful launch, so it is a part of our plan for growth."

Legislator Gary Hughes, D-Schenectady, also a member of the college's Board of Trustees, said the move to Center City will allow the college to offer courses when the main campus might not be open, such as time on Saturday and Sunday.

Farley said he was concerned about scheduling problems with students changing classes from Center City to the main campus. Offering many programs at the facility also concerned Farley, instead of just offering one program.

Bullock said the facility and division deans and chairs were included in discussions to cluster classes, so students wouldn't need to run between campuses. The courses would be clearly identified as being offered at Center City when students and advisors are developing schedules for a semester.

Farley still wasn't sold on the idea of complications not arising. Due to the movement, said Farley, he was considering not supporting the college's budget proposal.

"I think that this is logistically going to be much more of a challenge and impediment to the students at your institution," said Farley. "It is not like you are moving the entire culinary program there where there is not going to be the overlap in some of the other classes."

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