Assessing the assessor's term

Macejka said he simply wants to right a wrong. After a board meeting in July, he said he noticed a resolution regarding the work day and term of office for four appointed officials, and it had him listed with a term ending at the end of the year. He said the board is obligated to appoint him for the remainder of the previous assessor's term, which ends Sept. 30, 2013.

Macejka said when he approached Supervisor Frank Del Gallo about the term, Del Gallo recommended he work with Liccardi since he worked on the original resolution.

Another reason getting the term in writing is to correct information sent to the state and local employees' retirement system, something that is addressed in another resolution to be discussed at the board's Aug. 10 meeting. This would allow Macejka to count his salary earned into the retirement system. On Aug. 8, board members weren't clear if this would mean the town would have to pay into the retirement system for Macejka. Pension is based on years of service and total earnings, said Godlewski.

Del Gallo said the board was making a big issue about something that should be straightforward.

"You are making it out to be that he is going to get something out of this, and you don't want him to have it," said Del Gallo. "It seems like the issue is somebody doesn't want him to get something."

DiLeva said board members just want to understand the situation and were just asking questions.

"If people ask me I have to be able to explain it to them," said Councilman Wayne Calder.

After the meeting, Macejka said he hopes the issue can be resolved.

"I am just hopeful that they [the board] understand the process was to correct an error that was sent over to the retirement," said Macejka. "It isn't on there to protect me. It is very transparent if anything."

Macejka current works as a full-time assessor for the Town of Guilderland, so, DiLeva said, if the town wanted a full-time assessor he wouldn't be able to serve. If Macejka left early due to this lack of available time, she said she was concerned about having to give him a payout.

The town's board meeting on Aug. 8 took place after this story was posted, so check back to SpotlightNews.com to see if the resolutions were approved.""

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