Living his dream

If he had never blown out his knee skiing back in 1983, Patrick Hogan may have never realized what his true passion in life was: boats.

Through my rehab process a friend of the family gave me a little sailboat because I couldn't do any weight-bearing activities, said Hogan.

Within six weeks of his first day on Bolton Lake, Hogan was hooked. He bought a catamaran and quickly learned to commandeer a range of boat types. His boating expeditions took him on deliveries from Newport, RI to the Caribbean, Charleston, SC to Bermuda, all over California, regattas throughout the East Coast, captaining yachts for family vacations and more. Wherever there's a large body of water to sail on, chances are Hogan has sailed it.

At that point in his life (the '90s and beyond) boating was a passionate hobby but not something that paid. It was also something that led to disownment by his own family because it was a "dream that was too big."

"I figured the money would come. It's been a pauper's life for a long time," said Hogan.

Well, it's a pauper's life no more because Hogan's years of boating experience has finally paid off, and in a big way.

Hogan, now 50, works for Jay Cashman, Inc., the company responsible for dredging the Hudson. He captains a tugboat and pushes 140-foot barges around, transplanting from Ellicott City, MD where his wife Jane still lives, to Glens Falls where he works midnight to noon.

"I've been doing dredging and drilling work. This is so different but yet so cool because it's a whole different avenue of boating I've never encountered before," said Hogan. "To push a barge around loaded, it's an awesome experience when you land it at the dock."

Hogan primarily works in the local area but sometimes gets called to harbors in New York City or elsewhere to captain.

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