Scotia plans park surveillance

Board considers placing cameras around Collins Park area to deter vandalism

— If police or town employees wanted to look at the recorded footage, they would open the box with a key and could view footage on a monitor on-site or footage could be transferred to a flash drive, said Kastberg. Networking the computers to transmit over the Internet is a possibility, but it would involve a greater cost for the town. If it was networked, it could be streamed live to the police station to keep an active watch over the park.

Using town employees, the cameras could be set up in about two weeks. Currently the town has surveillance in Village Hall, Clerks Office, Police Department and jail cells. Those cameras are networked.

Kastberg knows the videos can lead to catching vandals because recently video from the Flint House Museum helped officials locate a suspect that committed an act of vandalism there. Cameras are located inside and outside of the building, said Kastberg.

Normally, when minors are identified by police for vandalizing park property, the town tries to work with parents to reach a solution. Kastberg said if a minor is caught and charges are filed against him or her in Family Court, there are not a lot of penalties to be given. The town usually tries to have the parents “make good for it,” said Kastberg, in paying for needed repairs.

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