Scotia picks new police chief

— “There are great differences between the size and the population and the type of issues the police department encounters,” he said. “This is obviously the opposite end of the spectrum.”

The first couple months, he said, will involve him observing the department and see how things are done. Also, he plans to get out into the community and talk to as many residents and business owners as he can to get a better understanding of the community.

Tackling the issue of police consolidation and sharing services with the Town of Glenville might be something Frisoni will face down the road, but he said he understands the community wanting to have their own identity — their own police.

“The community strongly supports its police department and keeping its own identity,” he said. “Obviously from the public hearing they had a couple of months ago for consolidation the public was not in favor of that … I think that is a testament to the type of police services the village has come to expect and appreciate.”

Frisoni said he knows Glenville Chief Michael D. Ranalli and he will sit down with Ranalli on how the two departments can work together and continue to assist each other from day to day.

“The Village residents want to keep their police department. I want to make sure that we continue to provide the type of services that they have come to expect over the years and improve upon that as well,” said Frisoni.

As far as his ironic starting date, Labor Day, he said it’s okay with him, with a laugh, because he “chose to do that.”

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