Lebron ends bid for Albany County Executive

Nathan Lebron said he did not have enough signatures to get on ballot

— After a process he described as “a pain in the ass,” Nathan Lebron has announced he is dropping his bid in the race for the Albany County Executive position.

“I didn’t have enough signatures,” he said. “I basically contacted [Dan] McCoy and we had a good conversation. I wished him the best and gave him some advice: put the right people behind him and point the county in the right direction.”

Lebron faced many difficulties in his attempt to run, as Albany County GOP Chairman Don Clarey never endorsed his candidacy, he at one point asked for the chairman to resign. Still, he said it doesn’t matter who hold the executive position, just as long as they get the right results and produce solutions to problems the county is facing.

Rachel Bledi, Republican commissioner for the Albany County Board of Elections, said she had just received Lebron’s petitions on Thursday, Aug. 24. She said they have not yet reviewed them but that Lebron had already conceded saying he did not have the 1,500 signatures needed to run.

“Normally it is 5 percent of the total number of votes casted in the governor’s race,” Beldi said in regards to how the total amount needed is decided. “In this particular race it can either be that number or a default number which is 1,500. Whichever number is less is the one we go with.”

Lebron said that a lot of people he has spoken to are frustrated with the lack of choice for the county executive’s race, as this essentially gives a win to Democrat Dan McCoy, chairman of the Albany County Legislature. Even though his name will not be on the ballot, Lebron said he has no problem with writing his own name in.

“I’ll hopefully get one vote,” he said. “Even if you’re frustrated with the choices you have, you can always write in your own name and let the candidate know that you came out to vote. You’re not happy with your lack or choice so you’re choosing yourself.”

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