Ballston water fails the test

Contaminent levels in Saratoga County Water Authority supply above state max

— “[It’s] a growing problem for many water systems to stay under the .06 limit. Things like rain can impact this. If you’re taking water from the river, the surface of the water, if you have high turbidity due to rain (it’s been a record year for rainfall in New York) more organic material gets washed into the river as the rain water flows into the river,” said Lawler.

The water temperature can also be a factor, said Lawler.

Residents need not fear, though, because there is no threat to health and safety, said Lawler.

“It’s not a short-term threat to anybody. It’s not an issue of water quality or long-term damage to anybody,” said Lawler. “The water is safe to drink.”

The Saratoga County Water Authority is now required to take steps to fix the problem and Lawler said the DOH has agreed to help find a solution.

“On a short-term basis, we still need to deal with how we’re treating the water, adding some different chemicals to the water to try to limit the problem,” said Lawler. “We’re looking at different filtering to hopefully take more organic materials out of the water. Those are what we’re testing right now.”

Southworth said she was impressed and pleased with the water authority’s response to the issue.

“It was really encouraging to see how proactive [Lawler] was being about resolving the issues,” said Southworth. “…Everyone is on the same page and we have to work together to solve the problem and obviously the water authority is very aware they have to provide us with safe, quality water.”

Water quality regulations are expected to become even more stringent in 2013, said Lawler, so the Saratoga County Water Authority is already looking for ways to comply.

“The state is constantly increasing the regulations we all operate under. What we’re looking at now is the impact of complying with those regulations in 2013 and starting to plan toward that,” said Lawler.

Lawler said the water authority will most likely bring a consultant on board to plan how best to address future changes.

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