Weighing in on tax reform

— “Nobody’s totally happy with this package, it’s not a perfect package, but I think we were able to compromise and make sure those small businesses who are in the wheelhouse of about $220,000 up to about a million, have got a meaningful tax cut,” said Tedisco. “We wanted to eliminate taxes completely, Democrats wanted to keep the millionaire’s tax, and we got to a compromise in between.”

Tedisco said he’d have liked to see taxes cut even further.

“If we had our way and I had my way I would have cut taxes further and concentrated on spending reductions but that’s something we’ll take to the mat next year,” said Tedisco.

McLaughlin said he felt the legislation was a sign that government was not working functionally.

“[Cuomo’s] just going to slam it through, that really bothered me. It was government at its worst, not at its best,” said McLaughlin.

McLaughlin said he took issue with the speed at which Cuomo presented the legislation and put it up for vote.

“At the very last second he rushes everything through without proper debate, without proper vetting. … I find that pretty disrespectful to the legislature,” said McLaughlin. “I think what it achieved was just a lot of smoke and mirrors. … I don’t think it did nearly what it could of.”

Sen. Neil Breslin, D-Delmar, said the legislative package was a long time coming.

“For years and years, the tables have been very unfair. They treat people with modest incomes the same as they treat people that are making $300,000 and now we’ve begun to make it more progressive,” said Breslin.

Breslin said the package is a good sign for New York State government.

“I think it’s a recognition by all sides that the only way we get good government is to compromise and hopefully it’ll be a good example to Congress,” said Breslin.

Cuomo also created the New York State Tax Reform and Fairness Commission to address “long-term changes to the tax system” and boost economic growth. The commission will have 13 members, including four recommended by Senate and Assembly minority leaders, and its members will receive no compensation.

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