Legislature overrides Breslin's veto

— At the Dec. 14 special meeting, Morse said he stood by the adopted budget that his committee worked hard to draft, and said county services are “intact” and “taxpayers get a break.”

“I’m confident we will achieve what we need to achieve,” said Morse.

Christopher Higgins, D-Albany, originally voted against overriding the state tax cap and adopting the legislative budget. He said he “(stood) by those reasons” and would be voting “no” on overriding Breslin’s veto.

“I still think … some significant steps could have been done to further reduce the property tax levy,” said Higgins. “I do not envy the position you (Dan McCoy) have moving forward as the next county executive.”

Brian Scavo, D-Albany, also initially voted against adopting the legislative budget but on Wednesday said he would be voting to save it because the “tax monkey has turned into King Kong” and he didn’t want taxes raised any higher.

“We’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t so tonight by voting for the override we save taxpayers of Albany County 5 percent,” said Scavo.

Later in the meeting, Scavo tried to blame Chairman and incoming County Executive Dan McCoy for allowing Breslin’s veto to occur and initiating a vote to override it.

“There’s a failure here; the failure is yours, Mr. McCoy, for letting this override move forward in the first place,” said Scavo. “This is your budget, you let the people of Albany County down by letting this override move forward so the blame is on your shoulders and you better roll back taxes when you get in. You better roll back taxes, Mr. McCoy.”

McCoy said it’s written in the charter that the county executive holds the power to veto a budget and the legislature is allowed to call a vote to override that veto.

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