Sacks sets off firestorm

Ballston bookkeeperfired by supervisor, position defunded by board

— The Republican Town Board members and Goslin believe the firing was a direct result of Goslin being provided with some of the town’s financial records, as Bouchard was instructed.

“I don’t really understand who did anything wrong that would be at the magnitude where someone would be fired,” said Goslin.

Goslin has stated he would like to see a full financial audit of the town be performed. He has contacted the state Comptroller’s Office asking them to step in so one can be performed free of charge.

“Essentially, I have no evidence that anything criminal is going on, but we have a situation where we haven’t had an audit done in six years, and we have no report on a monthly basis that shows us the financial standing of the town,” he said.

Upon taking office, he intends to propose a financial plan that imposes better reporting and planning on the part of the town and that holds more accountability for politicians to Ballston’s citizens.

Southworth said external audits are performed annually because it’s the law, but each time the proposal for a full financial audit is placed before the board it is voted down because of the cost.

“Another set of eyes looking at your books is a good thing,” she said, adding she too has spoken with the Comptroller’s Office and they will be coming to perform an audit.

In the meantime, Southworth will be looking after the town’s finances herself.

Hynes said the supervisor should be relieved to be doing the job on her own since Bouchard was apparently “doing such a horrible job she had to be fired so close to the holidays.”

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